Customs rules
  • Exit of the following goods from the country is prohibited
  • Antique objects and linear books, ancient icons, original cultural works, antique
  • paintings and any historical objects and cultural heritage are forbidden.
  • A caviar of more than one kilogram per passenger (to be less than 1 kilogram to be sealed or flooded by the Fisheries Company)
  • Handmade carpets more than 20 square meters per passenger. (There is no limitation on the number of carpet pieces in the ceiling of the mentioned area)
  • Cash more than $ 5,000 or equivalent to other currencies per passenger.
  • The commonplace of the country is more than a hundred thousand rials
  • Exit of personal costumes up to 150 grams of all types of golden artifacts per passenger is allowed.
  • Exit of artifacts and silverware is allowed as gifts and souvenirs up to a maximum of 3 kg per passenger, provided that they are not included in cultural and historical works